24/7 COVID passes: Serbian virologist in favour, PM says no

Brnabić said that the fulfilling of recommendations had already begun. [EPA-EFE/ANDREJ CUKIC]

Serbian virologist Dr. Milanko Šekler said on Wednesday (27 October) that only an around-the-clock use of the COVID-19 pass would “make sense”. But Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated that such passes would not be needed for the time being.

Šekler said in an interview with the Prva TV that COVID passes should have been in force since June or July.

“The decision should have been made then to encourage people to get vaccinated. We have entered the autumn season with the same percentage of vaccinated people we had last spring,” Šekler said.

Šekler said that the government’s decision to introduce COVID passes for indoor venues after 10pm was “impossible to carry out efficiently,” and that he did not expect it to reduce the number of infections.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stated on Wednesday that COVID passes would not be required 24 hours a day, for the time being.

Brnabić said that vaccination was the answer to the pandemic and that Serbia was “slowly registering growth in that regard – we have exceeded 55% of the vaccinated and that is the most important.”

Asked about whether the anti-epidemic measures would be made stricter, she replied that “for the time being, we need to fully implement the measures that we have in place.”

“Moreover, we are proceeding with stricter inspections for the other measures, for masks in closed and open spaces where distance cannot be maintained,” Brnabić said.

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