Aggressive anti-vaxxers target well-known Slovak doctors

The protesters did not manage to directly attack the doctors. [EPA-EFE/STRINGER]

Tensions over vaccines in Slovakia continue to grow as anti-vaxxers have started to protest in front of the houses of pro-vaccine doctors daily Denník N has reported.

The protesters did not manage to directly attack the doctors, Pavel Jarčuška, Vladimír Krčméry and Elena Prokopová, but were aggressive towards their neighbours.

Prokopová, one of Slovakia’s most prominent paediatricians, has spoken widely in the media about the need to vaccinate children but is now rethinking whether to continue this campaign.

“I find it absurd that society allows this. They try to jeopardise my personal integrity only because I give my expert opinions,” she told Dennik N.

Attacks on doctors have been condemned by several government politicians, including Prime Minister Eduard Heger, who deemed it inadmissible. “I must call on the prosecutor’s office and the police to monitor these activities closely and to intervene vigorously if the situation so requires,” Heger wrote in a Facebook post.

Police have already announced that it will not tolerate any future anti-vax attacks. “We will take all necessary measures to protect people. I urge people who feel threatened by the actions of such people to report it and we will act,” Interior Minsiter Roman Mikulec has said.

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