ATHENS – Greek PM faced with ‘big words’ from the past on North Macedonia

Conservative Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to face a difficult political vote in the parliament on North Macedonia.

When in opposition, Mitsotakis firmly opposed a name-change deal with North Macedonia that was pushed forward by the then premier leftist Alexis Tsipras. Now in opposition, Tsipras has called for roll-call vote on three agreements signed between Athens and Skopje during a visit of North Macedonia’s leader Zoran Zaev in Athens this week.

The vote concerns the ratification of the memoranda of cooperation between Greece and Northern Macedonia for the Acceleration of the Integration Process of the northern neighbour in the EU and for the establishment of a Steering Committee for the Economic Cooperation of the two countries.

With a roll-call vote, Tsipras wants to take his political revenge, as the conservative lawmakers who opposed a couple of years ago the name-change deal and even participated in protests, will now have to speak public: voting against would harm their government while voting in favour would expose them politically.

(Sarantis Michalopoulos,

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