BELGRADE – 15-20% of Serbian citizens already had COVID-19, says epidemiologist

A considerable section of Serbia’s population has already had the coronavirus, meaning “some immunity does exist”, according to epidemiologist Predrag Kon. The figure lies “between 15 and 20%”, but it still “has to be calculated”, according to Crisis Headquarter estimates.

“Thanks to that, the situation is more favourable than at the beginning [of the pandemic]. The people are more aware [of the situation], and the transmission of the virus has been slowed down. But this is still not enough to stop the increase of infections. The problem is that many are violating the measures,” Kon told daily newspaper Politika yesterday (14 October).

Kon added that This week will show whether the number of infected in Belgrade will grow, said Kon, adding that, according to him, “there will be around 200 new cases every day in Serbia, and maybe even more on some days.”

Kon also said that the venues where the virus is easily transmitted should be avoided, and that “masks should be worn at all times in indoor cafes and restaurants.”

“It has been proven that at the moment a person is taking food, meaning the risk of contracting the disease is higher,” Kon explained. (

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