BELGRADE – Belgrade had joined the EU’s Declaration on Belarus

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic confirmed on Thursday (27 August) that Belgrade had joined the EU’s Declaration on Belarus adopted at the beginning of the week, concurring reports that had been made within diplomatic circles.

The signing of the declaration is “what Serbia needs to do as part of the synchronization of its policy with European policy,” Brnabic told journalists during a visit to the School of Visual Arts in Belgrade, adding that she hoped that president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko “will not take offence.”

“As part of our accession to the EU, this is something that we do every year,” she said, adding that Serbia had good relations and good cooperation with Belarus and that despite joining the declaration, Serbia must not forget the “acts of friendship toward Serbia, especially in the hardest of times.”

The ambassadors of the EU and US in Belgrade, Sem Fabrizi and Anthony Godfrey, hailed on Wednesday Serbia’s decision to embrace the EU’s declaration on presidential elections in Belarus.

On 11 August, the EU adopted a declaration regarding the presidential elections in Belarus saying that the citizens of Belarus “showed a desire for democratic change” during the election campaign, but that “the elections were neither free nor fair.”

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