BELGRADE – Direct payments and tax reliefs

Serbian Finance Minister Siniša Mali said on Monday (7 July) that direct payments and tax reliefs approved by the government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic supported the Serbian economy and citizens with about €2.3 billion.

Heralding the third minimum wage to be paid to 1,042,114 employees, worth a total of RSD31 billion, Mali noted that the three payments amounted to RSD94 billion (about €800 million).

“With the payment of the third minimum wage we have covered a period of three months, even though a state of emergency that blocked businesses lasted a month,” Mali was quoted as saying by the finance ministry.

“I hope we helped both employers and employees. The employers were able to protect their liquidity and pay salaries, while the employees kept their jobs. There is a joint struggle ahead though – to preserve the existing jobs,” the minister added. (

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