BELGRADE – Doctors calling for dismissal of National COVID-19 response team

Some 350 doctors are calling for the dismissal of the National COVID-19 response team in an open letter sent to the Serbian government and other relevant institutions under the informal group known as “United against COVID”. In the letter, the group stresses that Serbia has been faced with a public health disaster.

The letters signatories demanded setting up a new response team, an investigation into the alleged covering up of the coronavirus-related data, and discontinuation of the policy of intimidation and politicization “which have been undermining personal dignity of the health staff,” N1 TV reported on Tuesday (21 July).

The doctors further said they had decided to go public as they “see no other solution to the ongoing public health disaster in the country,” highlighting that they are obliged to do so “under the Hippocratic Oath and general ethical principles.”

“Due to the complete removal of the coronavirus countermeasures during the election campaign (party rallies, sports matches, tournaments, mass celebrations), the epidemiological situation has gotten out of control. This cannot be justified by professional motives,” it is said in the letter.

According to the signatories, the confusion surrounding the number of coronavirus cases and deaths has been caused by discrepancies in statistical and epidemiological expectations, the information based on daily work and contradictory public statements.


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