BELGRADE – EU prepared to mediate talks between Serbia’s government and opposition

EU representatives have expressed readiness to mediate a dialogue between Serbia’s government and the opposition, said Zoran Lutovac, a representative of the United Opposition of Serbia (UOS), on Wednesday (30 September) in Belgrade. The date of the talks depends on them, he added.

“The talks are in the best interest of all the citizens. We need them to secure the rule of law, an opportunity for normal political life and for citizens to know what’s going on,” Lutovac told reporters outside the Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (REM).

In a comment on a report by Sweden’s V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg stating that democracy in Serbia was backsliding, Lutovac said he expected the European Commission to release a similar report, having already published “a harsh one.”

Lutovac said that the Commission’s new report could be equally harsh with good reason. Indeed, Serbia had failed to open a single chapter in the accession talks with the EU this year, as there had been no progress in the rule of law and freedom of the media.


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