BELGRADE – Foreign workers are unprotected, says trade union

Labour inspectors found illegal workers from Romania, Turkey, India, Italy, Albania, Bosnia, Poland, Croatia and Moldova between November 2018 and August 2020 on building sites across Serbia, the United Trade Unions Independence reported on its website yesterday (16 September).

The trade union explained that most of the foreign construction workers were hired by the Promenada Mall contractors in Novi Sad, where inspectors found more than 1,000 Romanian nationals without work permits in just three visits to the construction site, the Serbian Labour Inspectorate confirmed for the trade union.

The vice-president of the Construction Chamber of Serbia, Goran Rodic, said in a comment for the Independence website, that up to 40% of foreign workers had been moonlighting in the Serbian construction industry.

Given the circumstances, it’s a wonder there hadn’t been more incidents similar to the recent strike by Indian workers in the city of Kraljevo, serious injuries or deaths among the illegal foreign workers in Serbia. (

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