BELGRADE – New mine to provide coal for next 60 years, says president

 The Kolabura mine is the heart of the country’s energy system and a new open-pit mine will provide coal for the next 60 years, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday (14 May). “Nearly €500 will be invested in this mine, which will guarantee around 60 years of coal supplies from the mine, until its further expansion,” the president said after a visit, adding it is meant to produce between 13 and 13.5 million tons of coal a year.

In other news, Vucic said on Thursday (14 May) that he was in no hurry to hold elections. He also said that each year, his political opponents accused him of wanting to recognise Kosovo’s independence, noting that no talks were being held on Kosovo at the moment.

“As for Kosovo I am neither discussing anything with anyone, nor are there any talks of any kind, nor ideas, nor any solution on the table concerning anything,” Vucic told reporters during the visit of the Kolubara mine.

“I will always support preserving peace, but whenever it was necessary to demonstrate the strength and firmness of Serbian policies, I was the person who did that with regard to Kosovo and Metohija and the survival of our people,” he added. 


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