BELGRADE – New regulations for foreigners working online

Laws related to the employment of foreign nationals will be amended so as to ensure more revenue is generated from an increasing number of foreigners who work remotely from Serbia but for companies located in other countries, announced Serbian Labour and Employment Minister Zoran Đorđević on Wednesday (23 September).

Đorđević had told RTS that Serbia intended to be the first country in Europe to introduce the possibility for non-Serbs working for foreign companies to continue doing their job and living in Serbia, adding that new regulations are set to come into force from 1 January 2020.

The minister also explained that anyone who wished to obtain a one-year residency status and work permit in Serbia, they had to prove that their gross salary was higher than €3,500, that they are employed by a foreign company, that they have no Serbian residence permit and that they are foreigners

“Thus, they will be able to work and spend money here in Serbia, which is much cheaper than other countries. Our country is safe, there is no racism and we also have a very good social life,” Đorđević has said. (

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