BELGRADE – Opposition topple

The leader of Serbia’s Social Democratic Party and former president Boris Tadic has said that attempting to topple the regime through a united opposition is the correct option, but likely the most unrealistic path, and that the solution was to build one strong opposition party.

“Unfortunately, as the biggest advocate of unity, I have to conclude at this point that the project for a united opposition has been defeated, which is worse than losing the elections,” Tadic told NIN magazine’s 11 June edition.

“This unity, however, has been made impossible because it is impossible to rise above differences inside the opposition, not just with regard to different levels of experience and skill, but also because part of the opposition is constantly cooperating with the regime,” the leader of the Social Democratic Party has said. 

“After eight years of attempts, today, I believe that the only solution is building one strong opposition party without wasting time on unification attempts, and having unity destroyed either by the regime or through irresponsible decisions,” Tadic said.

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