BELGRADE/PRISTINA -Final Belgrade-Pristina agreement to be decided in Brussels

Belgrade and Pristina’s delegations are expected to discuss the drafting of a “final agreement between the two countries” at their next meeting in Brussels on Wednesday (23 July), announced Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti.

Having explained that “a national coordinator” would represent Pristina at the meeting, Kosovo’s PM said that a technical dialogue no longer existed and that only a political one leading to “mutual recognition” was taking place.

“Another meeting is taking place in Brussels, on 23 July, and it will be attended by a state coordinator for the dialogue, whom I will soon appoint to be in charge of drafting a final agreement on mutual recognition,” Hoti said.

The prime minister also noted that the talks had continued after 20 months, telling reporters that “our international partners understand the process very well. The normalization of relations should be a derivative of mutual recognition.”

Hoti also said that he would meet with the leaders of parliamentary parties and that he had asked the parliament to brief MPs on the meeting in Brussels.

At the same time, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said on Monday that it was important to him that an internal dialogue be secured for the Pristina-Belgrade talks to continue. During a meeting with the Democratic Party of Albania leader, Lulzim Basha, the president described the consensus as “vital.”

“We have discussed developments in Kosovo and Albania today, along with opportunities to improve cooperation. Kosovo’s goal is to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union as soon as possible. It is important to reach the broadest possible consensus to support the European perspective,” said Thaci.

“We have also discussed talks between Kosovo and Serbia. An institutional consensus in Kosovo is key, and it is vital that we are well-coordinated between Washington and Brussels,” Thaci said after the meeting with the Albanian opposition leader.

Basha supported the “consistent views” of Kosovo’s president.

“I have supported the head of state’s consistent views by supporting the dialogue and cohesion of political forces in Kosovo. I have underlined confidence and hope that full coordination between the United States and the EU was, and still is, a precondition for success,” Basha said. (

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