BELGRADE – Serbia imposes quarantine for Montenegro

The Serbian government imposed a 14-day quarantine for all Montenegrin nationals entering Serbia on Tuesday after Montenegro had imposed a mandatory quarantine on travellers from Serbia the day before.

The decision on mandatory self-isolation was passed based on the current epidemiological situation in the region, according to a release from the government.

“All Montenegrin nationals entering Serbia are subject to a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine. Upon arrival, these individuals are required to report the address where they will reside the following two weeks so that relevant authorities can make checks,” according to the decision.

On Monday, the Montenegrin National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases said that all travellers from Serbia would face state quarantine immediately upon arrival.

As of Tuesday (7 July), those travelling to Montenegro from Serbia will only be allowed to enter if they obtained approval from the Montenegrin Embassy in Belgrade and will be quarantined in state facilities immediately upon arrival.

Until now, it was up to sanitary health inspectors at border crossings to decide whether a traveller would be subject to self-isolation or quarantine. 

Inspectors would also take into account medical documentation stating that a person could not be quarantined or have a negative coronavirus test.  

Since 15 March, Montenegro’s entry ban has been in place on Serbian nationals.


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