BELGRADE – Serbia wants EU vaccine when ready

The United Opposition of Serbia (UOS) demanded that the Serbian government get in touch as soon as possible with international organisations, primarily EU institutions, to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine that will be used in EU member states be made available to the citizens of Serbia as well.

“The European Commission has responded to the UOS’ inquiry regarding the Serbian population’s access to a safe vaccine against COVID-19,” the opposition group has said.

“From [their] response it is obvious that Serbia is not part of the COVAX Facility Programme (ensuring global equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines), managed by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) in cooperation with the World Health Organisation, and financed also by the EU,” they added.

“The programme aims to provide safe access to vaccines procured by COVAX at an agreed price. Non-EU member countries, such as Armenia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, but also Portugal, Norway, Switzerland and Great Britain are included in the programme because their governments have applied. But Serbia isn’t because our government has not applied,” the UOS said in its press release

“Since we initially agreed, and later gave up the idea, to have our citizens take part in the testing of a vaccine produced by China, and since we have not applied for a programme in which other non-EU member countries will participate, there is a serious danger that we will be deprived of an opportunity to procure a safe, timely, and financially favourable vaccine,” the press release added. (

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