BELGRADE – Ukraine urges Serbian politicians not to ‘meddle’ in internal affairs

Ukraine’s embassy in Serbia said on Monday (13 July) that Ukraine didn’t interfere in Serbia’s internal political affairs in any way, describing Serbian officials attempts at interfering in Ukraine’s internal political affairs as intolerable. 

The Ukrainian embassy responded to a recent comment by the mayor of Belgrade’s  municipality of Vozdovac, Aleksandar Savić, who, according to the embassy, “depicted the ‘Ukrainian scenario’ in a bad light while talking about the protests in Serbia.”

“The Embassy finds intolerable any attempt at meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine, particularly any foreign official’s negative public assessment of a deliberate European choice by the Ukrainian people, the Vozdovac municipality mayor included,” the embassy said in a release.

“In all honesty, the Embassy of Ukraine was surprised to see an official, a member of the political force leading Serbia on its path towards the EU, disparaging the European choice made by the friendly people of Ukraine,” the embassy added.


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