BELGRADE – UN Court urged to hospitalise Mladić

The defence team of Ratko Mladić has called on the mechanism for international criminal tribunals (MICT) in The Hague to allow the general, who has been sentenced for war crimes in Bosnia, to be treated in hospital after his health deteriorated folliowing a recent operation.

According to them, Mladić is “suffering from an extremely low level of haemoglobin, which has developed into a serious case of anaemia that is life-threatening and poses a threat to Mladic’s post-surgery recovery.”

In a submission published on 11 June, Mladić’s attorneys accused the mechanism’s registrar and medics at the UN Detention Unit in Shevenginen of “unconscientious treatment” for allowing Mladić’s health to become worse than prior to surgery.

After 78 year old Mladić underwent surgery to remove his colon polyps on 28 March, the defence claimed that it had only been receiving “rudimentary” information regarding his postoperative recovery. 

Due to Mladić’s surgery and the restrictions imposed by the Dutch government as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mladić’s appeal to a first-instance verdict was postponed twice.

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