BELGRADE – White House deal not legally binding

The document signed by President Aleksandar Vučić at the White House last week is not legally binding as it was not an international treaty to be ratified by the Serbian institutions, according to former Serbian ambassador to Russia, Jelica Kurjak.

“The meeting in Washington confirmed again that Serbia does not have government institutions that can do their job, while all its internal and foreign relations are the result of a policy of personalisation represented by Vučić,” Kurjak told BETA on Monday (7 September).

She added that Serbia, or its delegation in Washington, did not know what was inside the document because it had not been discussed by the Serbian parliament or any other competent state body.

Kurjak recalled that before Vučić’s team travelled to Washington, reports had described the document as economic, but they were “presented with a document including several political points that had not been discussed at all.”

“It’s very odd, and we need an explanation of why Serbia is moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and why such a huge concession was made to Trump, whose presidential campaign, according to all polls, has encountered serious problems in the foreign policy sector,” the diplomat told BETA.


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