BERLIN – Berlin outlaws ‘Corona protest’

The Berlin Senate on Wednesday (26 August) banned several demonstrations against Germany’s coronavirus measures planned for this weekend. Organisers had planned to march through the central parts of the city, and had expected 17,000 people in attendance.

This would have been the second major demonstration planned for the city, after around 20,000 protested the same measures on 1 August.

Among those protesting then were right-wing extremists and pictures showed very few people wearing masks or respecting social distancing.

Given these breaches, the police ended the rally early.

“This is not a decision against the freedom of assembly, but a decision in favour of infection prevention,” explained Berlin’s Interior Senator Andreas Geisel of the Social Democrats (SPD).

“I am not prepared to accept a second time that Berlin is misused as a stage for ‘corona-deniers’,  he added.

The protest’s organisers from the radical right-wing group Stuttgarter Initiative Querdenken 711 stated that they plan to take the city to court over the ban. (Sarah Lawton |


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