BERLIN – New harmonised COVID-19 measures

Germany’s leaders reached an agreement to largely harmonise the country’s coronavirus restrictions, following a virtual meeting between the regional state leaders and Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday (27 August). However, the implementation will be left up to the regional entities.

States will also impose stricter limits on gatherings in private homes, and 15 of Germany’s 16 states agreed to a minimum fine of €50 for failing to wear a mask where it is mandatory, like in grocery stores or on public transportation.

The group also reached an agreement on measures for those coming back to Germany from high-risk areas, deciding that people can end the mandatory quarantine by taking a test after five days at the earliest.

They could not, however, reach an agreement on all measures, as different restrictions when it comes to private gatherings will remain.

Merkel explained that there were “very different ideas which could not be brought together today,” but stressed that the differences were “not so dramatic.”

(Sarah Lawton |

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