Borissov’s party refuses to form a government


The GERB party of Bulgaria’s former prime minister, Boyko Borissov, has refused to form a government, meaning Bulgarian President Rumen Radev must now make a proposal to the second political party in line, the “There is Such a People” party led by former TV presenter Slavi Trifonov.

Trifonov’s party has been reluctant to reveal its plans so far, although it is likely to receive support for forming a cabinet from all political forces represented in parliament. It is very likely that the showman will return the government mandate because he is forced to rely on the support of the Bulgarian Socialist Party in order to form a stable parliamentary majority.

Trifonov announced before the election that his party would not form a coalition with the Socialists, yet if this were to happen, new parliamentary elections would have to be held in early summer.

President Rumen Radev said he will provide more time for the new Bulgarian parliament to work, which will allow changes in the election rules.

“The parliament has worked hard, important bills are being considered. Bulgarians are waiting for decisions to be made by this parliament. We must give it a chance to do useful work”, Radev said.

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