BRATISLAVA – Historic deal, plagiarism and a plum cake

After Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovič came back pleased from the summit, a scandal regarding his plagiarised master’s thesis was waiting for him.

After landing in Bratislava, Matovič told reporters that the media had jeopardised “hundreds of millions of euros”, by publishing the story while on his way to the summit on Thursday (16 July), as “leaders could have not have wanted to negotiate with some plagiarist”, he claimed., although he has fessed up to the accusations.

The country’s new prime minister was criticised for not taking his first summit seriously as he had more to say about his personal experiences in Brussels than on Slovakia’s political stance. Yet, based on his own assessment, Matovič had left a positive impression at the highest EU level.

The new PM shared photos of him posing on a Belgian motorbike, with police officers or of his various culinary experiences.

One of the highlights was a plum cake which he shared with Angela Merkel who had allegedly “liked it and praised it. Twice”, he underlined. (

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