BRATISLAVA – Not-guilty ruling in Kuciak murder

Marián Kočner and Alena Zsuzsová were found not guilty of having masterminded the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová.

The Senate of the Specialized Criminal Court found that there was no direct proof connecting both Kočner and Zsuzsová to the murder. Other persons charged with executing the murder were convicted and sentenced to lengthy jail terms. Zuzana Gabrižová looks into the case that shook Slovakia’s political landscape.

According to media reports, the two members of the Senate outvoted the chair who had favoured a guilty ruling.

In its ruling, the Court agreed on all other points argued by the prosecution, though the victims’ parents left the courtroom immediately after the court had started reading the ruling.

The prosecution has already appealed, meaning the case will now go before the Highest Court.

For now, Kočner will be staying behind bars as he was sentenced in another financial criminal matter also awaiting appeal. For her part, Zsusová was released but detained immediately after due to suspicions of her being implicated in other murders.

(Zuzana Gabrižová |

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