BRUSSELS – First batch of COVID-19 vaccine in March?

By spring, Belgium could expect the first batch of vaccines against COVID-19, but will then face the difficult choice about the first people to be vaccinated, Xavier De Cuyper, director general of Belgium’s Medicines Agency (FAMHP), said on Wednesday (2 September).

“Based on all the information I have, I dare to say that in March 2021 we could have a vaccine against COVID-19 in Belgium. It’s a realistic deadline,” De Cuyper told Het Laatste Nieuws.

De Cuyper is the only Belgian closely involved in EU negotiations with manufacturers of potential coronavirus vaccines.

According to him, a manufacturer will never be able to supply vaccines for all of Europe at the same time, which would make a distribution key necessary, based on the population of each member state.

“A first European delivery will undoubtedly involve 50 million doses. Belgium will receive around 1.2 million”, he told the newspaper.

Each country will therefore have to make choices about the first people to be vaccinated. “It will be a difficult discussion. There will be a lot of pressure from all sectors,” De Cuyper said.

(Alexandra Brzozowski,

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