BRUSSELS – Newcomers on COVID-19 travel list

Belgium’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published an updated travel advice of colour-coded regions and countries in Europe. A dozen destinations have moved to the restricted part of the list when it comes to return to Belgium.

Anyone returning from a “red”- coded region must be quarantined and tested for COVID-19. There is also a formal travel ban to the red zones.

The code now applies to Sweden, several regions in Portugal including Lisbon, Spain (Segrià, Lleida province, Catalonia and A Mariña, Lugo province, Galicia), and the UK (Leicester) as well as Finland, Malta, Norway.

Restriction apply for those returning from an orange zone – Cyprus (test mandatory), Denmark (test mandatory for Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Iceland (mandatory test or quarantine), Ireland (quarantine) – as well as a zone where a medical visit is recommended upon return.

The latter now applies to Austria (Upper Austria), Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain (Aragon and Catalonia), Italy (Trento), Portugal (Algarve and Alentejo), Czech Republic (Moravskoslezský), Poland (Śląsk), Romania (still listed as green, but medical visit upon return recommended), UK (Midlands, North East & Yorkshire, Northern Wales and Northern Ireland), and Switzerland (Ticino).

However, the criteria do not reply to those who only drive though, but not stay, in Luxembourg.

The rest of Europe will be given code green for the time being.

(Alexandra Brzozowski,

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