BUDAPEST – Central European countries like Hungary ‘become very attractive’

Washington’s Ambassador in Budapest, David Cornstein, told The Cats Roundtable radio programme on Sunday (5 July) that central European countries like Hungary became very attractive despite the world not realising “for a long time” that a “thing called Central Europe” even existed, Hungarian state agency MTI first reported.

According to Cornstein, this is because “the Chinese like them, Russians like them, and of course, they’re a member of NATO, so the US likes them a lot as well.”

Highlighting internal European division on migration issues, the diplomat said “certain countries like Germany say let’s just let everybody into the country,” whereas Hungary is ”not interested in bringing a lot of new people into the country, especially people from Africa, so to speak.”

In response to a question on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s influence in Central Europe, the US ambassador said he “definitely has an involvement, it’s more than an interest,” pointing to Hungary’s geographical proximity and energy dependence on Russia.

(Vlagyiszlav Makszimov |

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