BUDAPEST – Hungary reacts to German constitutional court ruling

The Hungarian government discussed the German constitutional court’s ruling that the country is not bound by the European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) ruling on ECB bond-buying.

“We do not think that this court decision is a victory of Central over Western Europeans. But any sovereign state that has joined as a sovereign state can feel itself a winner,” said Gulyas. 

“In connection with the [German] constitutional court’s decision, we can say that, of course, Union law, according to the Hungarian constitution as well, in a set area where we have transferred competences, enjoys primacy. But it is extremely important, that this is possible only in shared competences,” he added.

Gulyas also condemned the ECJ’s decision of Thursday (14 May), which held that holding migrants and asylum seekers in a transit zone to be detention.

“The decision, unfortunately in accordance with the previous intentions of Brussels, wants to force us not to protect the Hungarian borders with a fence and let the migrants in,” he said.

If the ECJ considers the effective defence of external borders and the evaluation of asylum requests outside, or the latest at the European borders, not compatible with EU law, “because we think this is an incorrect interpretation, then that must also call on Europe to either give rules of external border defence to member state competence or define more stringent common European norms,” Gulyás added. (Vlagyiszlav Makszimov |

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