BUDAPEST – Top government officials in quarantine after garden party

István Hollik, communications director of the ruling Fidesz party and ex-government spokesperson, tested positive for coronavirus. Head of the Prime Minister’s office, Gergely Gulyás, and deputy minister Balázs Orbán, a state secretary in the cabinet, have been quarantined since Wednesday. EURACTIV’s Vlagyiszlav Makszimov reports from Budapest.

Hollik told Azonnali that Gulyás and Orbán came in contact with him on Saturday at a garden party with other high-level politicians.

Justice Minister Judit Varga said that she has come in contact with a person infected with COVID-19 on Monday, and has since entered quarantine, her first test was negative.

Hungary registered 91 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the highest daily increase since the end of April. The number of active cases has been growing for six weeks in a row, currently at 1,008 infections, but still well below the 2,054 peak experienced at the beginning of May.

(Vlagyiszlav Makszimov |

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