Commission mulls introducing third dose for COVID certificate

The European Commission is preparing a delegated act to introduce a third dose for the COVID certificate. [Shutterstock / angellodeco]

The European Commission is preparing a delegated act to introduce a third dose for the COVID certificate, a source close to the issue has told

EURACTIV was informed that EU Commissioners Didier Reynders and Stella Kyriakides would meet with the EU Commission’s chief cabinet on the matter next Thursday.

“The EU executive is currently preparing a delegated act to update the COVID regulation,” the source added.

Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechia, and Greece have already started offering citizens of all ages the third dose.

Others have recommended it for the elderly and those with underlying health issues.

The source said for the third dose to be introduced in the COVID certificate regulation, all member states must agree and do it in a coordinated manner. This means that EU member states will have to agree that being fully vaccinated is someone who has received three doses.

The COVID regulation’s duration is for one year, and if the Commission’s proposal is pushed forward, it will mean that the regulation’s scope will go beyond the summer of 2022.

But this will not be an easy task, the source admitted.

Member states with low vaccination rates, especially in eastern Europe, are expected to react negatively. At the same time, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has already expressed its opposition to Europe’s push for a third dose, considering that the planet’s developing nations have not received the first two shots yet.

Particularly, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said last week that every day, “there are six times more boosters administered globally than primary doses in low-income countries”.

“This is a scandal that must stop now,” he noted.

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