Conte says new restrictions necessary

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte speaks during the question time at the Chamber of Deputies, in Rome, Italy, 28 October 2020. [EPA-EFE/MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI]

The restrictions introduced by the latest decree are necessary to prevent the pandemic situation from getting out of hand, said Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Wednesday.

“If we protect public health, we also protect the economy. The decree is designed to preserve the national healthcare system without endangering the economy”, said the PM, adding that “we are in a ‘stage 3’ scenario”.

“As such, the recommended measures are the suspension of high-risk activities, the possibility to dividing lessons at school and increasing smart working. These were the reference points for the decree issued on Sunday”, Conte continued.

“The government knows these are strict restrictions, but they are necessary to keep infections under control. Otherwise, the situation would have gotten out of hand,” he added.

Italy registered another 24,991 new COVID-19 positive cases and 205 deaths within the past 24 hours on Wednesday (28 October).

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