COVID-19 to become a ‘normal disease’ in Czechia

The government has decided to abolish most of the county’s measures against COVID-19. [EPA-EFE/MARTIN DIVISEK]

The government has decided to abolish most of the county’s measures against COVID-19, with vaccination certificates no longer mandatory in restaurants and other facilities from 18 February.

“As of 1 March, only very few restrictive measures will be in force – practically only wearing of rmasks,” Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS, ECR) announced on Wednesday.

According to Fiala, developments of the COVID-19 pandemic correspond with experts’ predictions, and the numbers of hospitalised people are gradually falling.

“We all believe that we have this wave behind us,” Fiala said, referring to the less dangerous Omicron variant that hit the country in past days.

Moreover, the state of the pandemic alert, which allows the Czech health ministry to issue restrictive measures, will soon come to an end.

Public Health Offices chief Pavla Svrčinová is already preparing another change to apply to COVID-19 measures, Seznam Zprávy reported. As of 1 March, the health ministry is expected to abolish the regulation forcing citizens who came into contact with infected people to go to quarantine. Currently, those people have to isolate for five days.

“As of 1 March, the tracing (of contacts of infected people) will end because if the measures cease, it will become a normal disease regime,” Health Minister Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09, EPP) said. “In case of infection) you will face the same thing as if you had hepatitis or any other infectious disease,” the minister added.

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