Croatia mulls ‘smart ways’ to achieve herd immunity

Plenković on Wednesday asked Vučić to address the issue of Serbian grammar books that negate the existence of the Croatian language. [EPA-EFE/Virginia Mayo]

Croatia’s government is calling on employees in the health, social care and education sectors to get vaccinated, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković announced in a speech broadcast by HRT.

Workers in the health and social care sectors should get vaccinated to ensure patients are safer, the prime minister said, noting that the same goes for people working in education. 

“We are not talking about imposing the obligation to vaccinate, but we are talking about the fact that we can use digital COVID certificates in a smart way,” said Plenković. 

The PM warned that the herd immunity goal set at 80% vaccination coverage last year has increased because of the new variants.

“We will subsidise all employees in businesses that have more than 70% vaccinated. For those with lower percentages, the subsidies will be in proportion with the number of holders of a COVID-certificate,” said Labour Minister Josip Aladrović.

“I think it’s a clear consensus from all three sides (government, unions, employers) that we need to go in that direction, how to mobilise the whole society to be responsible, not just focus on some sectors”, said Damir Zorić, head of the Croatian Employers’ Association. 

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