Crucial Brexit talks ahead, Coveney says

Talks on an EU-UK trade deal face a new delay after a senior member of EU negotiator Michel Barnier’s team tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday (19 November). [EPA-EFE/VIRGINIA MAYO]

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has said that any breakthrough on the ongoing Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK is unlikely this week, but could come next week when EU leaders hold a summit.

Should a deal not arrive next week, there could be ‘real problems’ in-store, Coveney said.

“I think it’s unlikely this week,” Reuters reported Coveney saying as part of an online discussion on Wednesday.

“I think it is likely to move into next week. At that point, the timelines start to get very tight – there are only 50 days left this year,” he added.

“I think this week and next week are … crucial really. If we don’t have a deal at some point next week, I think we have real problems,” he added. (Samuel Stolton |

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