Czechia currently losing the information war

The company decided to end this cooperation in February because the government decided to ignore the company’s recommendations. [Shutterstock/ozrimoz]

“It is time to back off. The government ignores us so there is no point in continuing,” František Vrabel, the head of the leading analyst company focusing on the fight against disinformation known as Semantic Visions, told’s media partner Hospodářské noviny on Monday, confirming that Semantic Visions has decided to withdraw from cooperating with the Czech health ministry.

Semantic Visions is focusing on deep analysis of disinformation campaigns and narratives in the digital world. Since last October, they cooperated with the health ministry on mapping and analysing disinformation about COVID-19. It has also provided recommendations on how to tackle disinformation and to communicate with the public.

However, the company has decided to end this cooperation in February after the government  ignored its recommendations.

Semantic Visions is now negotiating new cooperation with the US foreign ministry, Vrabel added.

“Unfortunately, there is an almost complete absence of any counter-disinformation government communication in the Czech Republic. We have not had a single communication campaign debunking disinformation or promoting vaccination and government measures,” said Dominik Presl, an expert focusing on disinformation from the Association for International Affairs. 

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