Denmark ready to send military aid to Ukraine

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen . [EPA-EFE/CLAUS BECH]

Denmark is ready to assist Ukraine with military equipment if Russia invades the country, said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen at a press conference on the country’s new Foreign and Security policy. She also discussed the country’s cooperation with NATO.

“The short answer is yes”, Frederiksen said when asked if Denmark would help Ukraine if the country were invaded.

“There is a real risk of war on European soil, and we will, of course, help our friends from Ukraine. We believe that this situation is more serious than the war in the Balkans. Russia is challenging the West,” she said.

According to Defence Minister Trine Bramsen, this could include help with cyber security, for example.

There are currently no discussions about sending Danish soldiers, the PM also said. “Like others, we will help, and this [sending troops to Ukraine] is something that needs to be discussed with the allies. It is not something that is under discussion”, said Frederiksen.

Denmark has also agreed to enforce sanctions if Russia were to invade Ukraine, the PM added without commenting on the exact nature of these sanctions.

In light of the Ukraine crisis, Frederiksen also stressed the importance for Denmark to cooperate even more closely with the UN, NATO, the EU and the US.

“We can only ensure Denmark’s security if we engage with the world around us. Even when it is difficult. A central part of our strategy is therefore that Denmark must be ready to take responsibility”, said Frederiksen, adding that Denmark will be ready to spend more money on defence in the future.

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