Finland has highest readiness for energy transition

Vuosaari power plants behind the green hill. [SHutterstock/ Ari N]

Finland is the country with the highest readiness for the ongoing energy transition, according to a joint research project conducted by Oxford University, Berlin’s Technische Universität and Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

Finland came first among 36 countries due to its high carbon price and plans for a flexible energy market where the roles of consumers and producers could merge as “prosumers”.

With regard to the energy transition, Finland launched in early November its flagship project, Flexible Europe, a smart energy ecosystem and a virtual power plant.

Funded with €8.4 million by the economics and employment ministry and implemented by Siemens in Finland, the technological solution creates an interface between energy supply and demand, as well as a digital platform for a variety of applications.

These “virtual power plants” should enable buildings, infrastructures and industries to optimise energy efficiency and integrate renewables such as solar into their energy palette.

Consumption peaks should be manageable with the help of the system’s flexibility and electricity storage. The property could become a “prosumer” by selling its own production or stored electricity purchased when it has been affordable.

Hopes are high among the developers that Flexible Europe could even obtain a significant role in and funding from the EU’s green recovery plans. Brussels seems to welcome and encourage such efforts.

“Innovative solutions like this come in need. From the EU’s recovery fund, there are hundreds of billions of euros available, so there lies a big opportunity for an ecosystem like Flexible Europe,” said the European Commission’s Energy Transition Advisor, Eero Ailio.

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