FINLAND – National recovery fund priorities

In Finland, the plans are still in progress. Parliament has been far too busy with the COVID-19 situation and negotiations and gathering proposals from business, the industrial sector and labour unions for the national plan to be underway.

The general consensus is that the €2.3 billion for investments should be used for renewing the economy, not for “old-style” infrastructure needs. The level of ambition is said to be very high.

Topping the list are projects somehow linked to the fight against climate change: sustainable energy solutions, automatisation, logistics systems and 5G technology – in two words, green digitalisation. More concretely, electrical solutions in mining and in maritime industry are on the agenda.

The national carrier, Finnair, has been eager to develop and increase the use of biofuels and fuels based on hydrogen. One guiding principle is that all endeavours should benefit Finnish exports in the long run.


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