First batch of Moderna vaccines arrives in Italy

The third Pfizer-BioNTech batch is also set to arrive in Italy soon. [Shutterstock/ MikeDotta]

The first batch of 47,000 doses of Moderna vaccines is expected to arrive in Italy on Tuesday and will first be dispatched to the National Health Institute, which is considering to first distribute the doses to the regions showing the highest efficiency in the vaccination campaign.

The third Pfizer-BioNTech batch is also set to arrive in Italy soon.

Meanwhile, authorities have considered adding additional categories of peoples to the first vaccination phase. Other than doctors and healthcare personnel, the elderly above the age of 80 and teachers who will resume in-person classes across the country before the end of January have also been considered. 

“Most of the victims are people over 80, often with other health problems. They need to be secured first. Teachers too need to be vaccinated quickly, but this matter has already been defined in the Parliament,” said Agostino Miozzo, coordinator of the Technical-Scientific Committee.

Asked if it is better to use all the doses to vaccinate more people or preserve them for the vaccination recall, Health Minister Sandra Zampa confirmed that “we are going to use the new doses immediately.”

“We have to be quick and vaccinate more people immediately since we have the guarantee of 450-470,000 doses arriving weekly, with more coming from Moderna and soon AstraZeneca,” she added. (Alessandro Follis |

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