France: Mr ‘pension reform’ resigns

As the massive transport strike enters the 12th day, High Commissioner for Pensions, Jean-Paul Delevoye, has resigned over revelations of undeclared income.

Delevoye admitted that he had failed to declare his position as a volunteer director at an insurance training institute, Ifpass, and this weekend corrected his declaration of interest by declaring 13 positions, including 11 volunteer posts, 10 more than in the initial version, from which he was paid around €12.000 per month.

He also combined his government function with his paid position as President of Parallaxe, an institute of reflection on education. French government officials are not permitted to be paid by other organisations.

EURACTIV France reported that for protesters, the pill is hard to swallow. The author of the reform intending to cut pensions should not be too worried about his own pension, but his resignation is a new blow to the government’s planned reforms. (

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