French council of ministers dissolves far-right group Alvarium

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin (R) Darmanin pointed out in a recent tweet, the group “called for violence and discrimination”. [EPA-EFE/ CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON]

France’s council of ministers has dissolved the far-right group, Alvarium, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin confirmed after the weekly council of ministers’ meeting this Wednesday, EURACTIV’s partner Ouest-France reported.

The group, founded by a former Front National activist (Marine Le Pen’s former party, now Rassemblement National) and based in the city of Angers, is no longer allowed to pursue its activities which henceforth count as criminal offences.

Alvarium describes itself as a “convivial and militant community” carrying out “social action in the service of those whom the state prefers to ignore”.

“Taking note of the obsolescence of political parties and anticipating the collapse of a state that has become as omnipotent as it is ineffective, we have decided to act on our own scale”, the group’s website reads. “Our community intends to create links between those who refuse cowardice and the abandonment of our people and its history.”

The group, which sees itself “at the confluence of social Catholicism and nationalist doctrines” declares that it aims for “social action among our people and the fight against European nihilism.”

However, as Darmanin pointed out in a recent tweet, the group “called for violence and discrimination”.

The interior minister announced, in late October, his wish to dissolve the group which, according to Ouest-France, “has become known for its misdeeds leading to convictions of its members for anti-migrant demonstrations, flag thefts or violent actions of its members in Angers, Le Mans or Orléans”.

“Our hand does not tremble in the face of racism and violence and we show it once again with this decision”, government spokesperson Gabriel Attal told the press after Wednesday’s council of ministers.

The group has announced its plans to appeal the decision before the French Council of State.

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