Gas pipeline rupture in Bulgaria has repercussions in the region

Belgrade aims to achieve lower gas prices from Russia. [shutterstock/ INSAGO]

A 20-meter section of a gas pipeline in operation since 1988 was damaged by an explosion on Monday (1 November) night near the village of Vetrino, Varna. Video footage shows that the accident took place in the vicinity of a compressor station.

Locals at Vetrino say they were woken by a loud explosion and felt effects resembling an earthquake.

“This is the old gas pipeline, which was built in the period 1986-1988, the so-called Trans-Balkan gas pipeline “, explained the executive director of Bulgartransgaz Vladimir Malinov.

The old pipeline is used as part of the Balkan Stream, which brings Russian gas from Turkey via Bulgaria to Serbia and other countries in the region.

The authorities explained that gas deliveries to Bulgaria were provided. Still, the transmission of gas to Romania was automatically stopped at 3.15 am, and supplies in the direction Serbia-Hungary were suspended from 7.00 am.

(Georgi Gotev |

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