HELSINKI – One thousand nurses from the Philippines

Finland is becoming a destination for health care professionals. Reported first by the Talouselämä magazine, a private nursing home company, Attendo, is planning to hire one thousand nurses from the Philippines to staff around 400 homes.

Even if unemployment is statistically on the rise, some areas, like the health care sector, have a more acute shortage of qualified workforce

In the near future, the equation will become more difficult to solve. A large number of nurses are retiring and simultaneously the share of the aged population is increasing.

On estimate, public and private nursing homes will need up to 4,000 health care professionals within a few years due to new regulations which oblige to add up the number of personnel.

Attendo has already previously hired some 300 nurses from the Philippines and experiences have been very positive. The Asian country educates a lot of well-qualified professionals, but many of them can’t find work in their own country. Currently, some 25,000 people are unemployed and many leave not only to Finland but to Japan and the US.

(Pekka Vänttinen |

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