Hospital beds filling up in Hungary

Nurse puts on protective gear as she prepares for her nightshift at the Intensive Care unit for patients with COVID-19 disease, at the Szent Janos Hospital in Budapest, Hungary. [EPA-EFE/Zoltan Balogh]

Hospitals currently treating coronavirus patients may have reached 80% capacity in the country’s capital, as second-tier health institutions designated for treatment will start accepting infected patients, reported.

The building of the Semmelweis University’s psychiatry clinic will start treating COVID-19 patients starting next week, according to a statement published on the institution’s website. Chief medical officer Cecília Müller said mid-October that if the bed occupancy rate of the first coronavirus care facilities reaches 80 percent, second-tier care facilities, of which Semmelweis is at the top of the list, would start accepting patients.

Health minister Miklós Kásler already expanded the list of hospitals accepting patients in other parts of the country on Sunday. On Monday, Hungary registered 2079 cases and 63 deaths, the latter number is the highest on record. (Vlagyiszlav Makszimov |

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