Hungary misappropriated V4 brand, says Slovak justice minister

Slovakian Minister of Justice, Maria Kolikova, 23 August 2011. [EPA/Grzegorz Jakubowski]

After Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Várga claimed that the “V4 + Professor Network and Junior Programme” should provide the Central European perspective on the rule of law, her Slovak counterpart Mária Kolíková said she was “shocked”.

“As if this should be any different from the one promoted by the EU,” Kolíková added.

However, she warned that there is no agreement among the Visegrad four countries on such an initiative, adding that she regards this attempt as a “misuse of the V4 brand“.

“The principles that apply for the rule of law and democracy should apply regardless of the region we are from,” the Slovak minister said in a statement.

(Zuzana Gabrižová |

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