HUNGARY – Rule of law

At the same time, Hungary’s parliament has warned it will withhold its consent for the EU’s recovery plan if there is a proposal to link the bloc’s funds to rule-of-law criteria. Read more.

The Hungarian government said “Hungary is one of the few member states where genuine pluralism prevails in the media, in ideological debates, and in the public sphere in general.”

“Objective and impartial analysis of all reliable information concerning the situation in Hungary can only lead to the conclusion that the fundamental values of the EU are being respected, and that the rule of law is being observed,” the government concluded.

The opposition blamed the government for the report’s criticisms. The Socialist party said that Orbán’s government had “failed as Europeans”.

“The Hungarian chapter makes reference to twelve “civil society organisations”, eleven of which have in recent years received financial support from the Open Society Foundations linked to Mr. [George] Soros,” the Hungarian government said, in a reference to its long-standing feud with the US-Hungarian billionaire.

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