Ireland now topping EU list of most vaccinated

Ireland has now vaccinated 90% of over 16-year-olds. [shutterstock/halfpoint]

Ireland has now vaccinated 90% of over 16-year-olds, making it the EU country with the highest proportion of vaccinations, followed closely by Malta, Denmark, and Portugal, the latest data from the European Centre for Disease Control shows.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin commended the public and those involved in the rollout while the head of Ireland’s health service thanked young people in particular for their response to the vaccination programme.

The government earmarked 22 October for lifting most restrictions and made the date contingent on surpassing the 90% threshold. Measures have so far been gradually rolled back with this week expected to have many Irish people start a phased return to their places of work after 18 months of closures.

Speaking about the resumption of in-person work, Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he hoped something could be learned from the flexibility required during the pandemic, and that remote working would, therefore “become a permanent fixture of Irish working life.”

As of Monday, restrictions on indoor activities will be eased, while those on outdoor ones will be lifted.

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