Italian doctors refute claims hospitals are not under pressure

Meanwhile, Italy’s president calls for unity amid pandemic. “We must not divide during an emergency”. [Shutterstock/Massimo Todaro]

Doctors have reacted to a statement made by Italy’s COVID commissioner, Domenico Arcuri, that hospitals can still cope with the second wave of the pandemic.

“It is claimed that the pressure on intensive care is sustainable but in reality in the red regions the pressure is almost unbearable and in the orange ones it is very, very heavy,” Antonio Giarratano, chief of the ICU doctors association SIAARTI told Rai Tre TV.

“To argue that 10,000 ventilators can guarantee sufficient margin to sustain this exponential growth in ICU admissions means to think that knowing how to turn on a ventilator is enough to save a life. Unfortunately, this is not the case,” he added.

Meanwhile, Italy’s president calls for unity amid pandemic. “We must not divide during an emergency”, Sergio Mattarella told the National Association of Municipalities (ANCI) on Tuesday, adding that “the pluralism of democratic institutions is a multiplier of positive energy, but it cannot work if we are divided.” 

Yet, the news that COVID-19 was present in Italy since the summer of 2019 have caused a shockwave in media worldwide raising questions about the start of the pandemic.

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