Italy adopts ‘light lockdown’ similar to German model

shutterstock_1710932419 [Shutterstock/LiveMedia]

The new measures due to be enforced with the new decree are modelled after the German ‘light lockdown’ measures, said Health undersecretary Sandra Zampa.

“We don’t want to paralyse the whole country, but it is difficult to enforce tailored measures for each region. As such, the model is the German ‘light lockdown’,” he added.

Under the new measures, there will be an evening curfew from 9 or 10pm to 5am, to be respected in the whole country.

Filippo Anelli, the president of the organisation comprising of all medical orders known as FNOMCeO, has called for “more aggressive measures, even a complete lockdown”, as doctors fear that “the second wave will be more like a tsunami that will destroy the national healthcare system.”

“With more and more beds being assigned to COVID-19 patients, the possibility to cure those with other illnesses diminishes. If we go on like this, the situation could get out of hand,” Anelli added.

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