Italy presents new measures for Christmas, vaccination plan

A person walks along the Via Della Conciliazione street, located near the Vatican's St. Peter's Square, in Rome, Italy. [EPA-EFE/FABIO FRUSTACI]

Italy will adopt new lockdown measures as of Friday, announced Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Wednesday. The minister also presented a vaccination plan, under which vaccines will be free, not mandatory and distributed with the help of the army.

“The data shows that restrictions worked and the first results can be seen”, said Speranza. “We cannot let our guard down now. There are going to be some more weeks of sacrifice”, he added.

The minister then detailed the new measures to be enforced from Friday: the colour code system will remain in place, but people will not be able to travel between regions from 20 December to 7 January. To avoid gatherings, travel between municipalities on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day will not be allowed.

The current curfew that runs from 11pm to 6am will remain in place, while shops will close at 9pm and restaurants at 6pm. However, restaurants will still be allowed to provide delivery and takeaway service.

Speranza also detailed the country’s vaccination plan. Vaccines will be free for everyone and the first to receive them will be healthcare workers, the elderly, school staff and the armed forces.

A special commissioner – who will have the army’s support – will be responsible for logistics and distribution.

“The vaccine will not be mandatory, but it will be recommended”, Speranza added. (Alessandro Follis |


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