Italy to introduce own travel ‘green pass’ by end of May

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi in Rome, Italy, 26 April 2021. [EPA-EFE/CLAUDIO PERI]

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced on Tuesday in a press conference following the G20 tourism ministers’ meeting in Rome that Italy will introduce their own travel green certificate by the end of May.

In advance of the European green pass for travel, which will be introduced in mid-June, Italy “has introduced a national green pass, which will come into force from the second half of May” and will allow Italian tourism to become “a sector as strong as it was before the pandemic, if not even stronger”.

“The pandemic forced us to close, but Italy is ready to welcome the world back. There will be clear and simple rules to ensure that tourists can come to us safely,” he said.

“We are looking forward to welcoming you”.

The pass, which will be used from 16 May, will certify that the person is vaccinated, carries COVID-19 antibodies, or has carried out a COVID-19 test in the 48 hours prior to travel.

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